Thursday, January 22, 2009

Journal/Getting (Back) InShape/Trial

    Here it is, Thursday Jan 22, I'm sitting on a couch watching some ESPN.  I'm quite new to blogging and well, not quite sure that anyone will ever read this and not too worried if anyone does or doesn't.  What I'm planning, or more accurately, hoping to do with this Blog is to have something out there that makes me accountable to be healthy, get back into my workout schedule, and hopefully have something that people I know can either laugh at, get some inspiration from, or just simply get a small amount of entertainment from.  
      To catch everyone up on my life or why I said things like be healthy and "get back" into my workout let me back up from today a little bit.  When I left Grand Forks, ND and UND 1 year and 8 months ago, I was moving out to NYC to be a full time Personal Trainer.  I had a job already and an apartment(about the size of a Small bathroom in GF).  Other than that, I didn't know anyone or what to expect from this largest city in our country!  I also left in Very good shape, having completed a few triathlons, and I was working out at least everyday if not multiple times a day.  I also had not had an alcoholic drink in more than one year.  I moved to NYC, started personal training full time at one of(if not THE) best fitness centers in manhattan, CLAY.  (This was the end of May, 2007) Over the summer I built up my clientele and was in the gym at 530am, while not leaving until 9/10pm most nights.  I also had been asked by a client to train him independently at his beach house in Montauk(out past the Hamptons).  I lived in his guest house, and basically lived the life every weekend that summer.  I continued to build clients and very soon became full time at Clay, with benefits and vacation time, all that good stuff.  I also continued to work out at a crazy rate and by that December, I was in the best shape in my life.  Also about this time I was looking for advancement in my Personal Training career.  I was hired by Equinox to become a fitness manager for one of their manhattan facilities, but after two weeks there I knew that it was not the place for me or my ideals.  I went back to Clay and most of my clients came back to me.  One of my more "celebrity" clients, then asked me to accompany him on a 4 week trip to Asia and South America.  I jumped at this chance, even though I had been offered a job with a very large fitness center in manhattan, Reebok, which did the most amount of personal training for any fitness center in the entire US, as their Fitness Manager.  Well, I took the offer to accompany my client on his trip abroad and that decision changed my career and life!  However, as you will find out in subsequent Blogs, not all things changed for the good.  Those are the things that I will highlight with this Blog.  I will also include things that have happened around the world for me, around NYC, and what happens on a daily basis here for me!  I will stick closer to health and fitness, but everything will be touched on!  Hopefully you are just a little bit intrigued to hear more and I won't hold anything back.     TO BE CONTINUED